Smart Shared Electric Micro Mobility

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The future of mobility lies in the shift from vehicle ownership to a network of services. Drop's micro-mobility solutions are the last gap in the mobility services network.


Our approach
Instead of invading cities, we're maniacally focused on operational excellence and sustainability—on the ideals of sticking around for the long haul, integrating our solutions into the transportation fabric of cities, empowering and supporting existing non-profits and community organizations through strategic collaborations, serving all residents fairly and equally, and ensuring that mobility convenience does not come at the cost of system-wide reliability.



Find a bike or scooter through the Drop app and scan the QR code on the bike or scooter unlock automatically.



It’s all yours! You’re encouraged to wear a helmet, and you must follow all local laws while riding any Drop vehicle. 


Park and Lock

Attach Drop vehicles to any existing infrastructure or one of our “Havens” (designated parking spots). Pull down the lever to lock the bike and end the trip.