Kingston: Spring Cleaning

It has been brought to our knowledge that there was an inquiry about some of our bikes that were spotted in a bin. We had made the difficult decision to recycle these bikes.

These were generation-1 bikes that were an original part of our fleet, and were featured in our Kingston pilot in 2017. While these bikes are safe, they have outdated hardware features that no longer meet the safety, quality and telecommunication standards of our company. We decided to invest in the latest hardware that the high standards of the service that we intend to provide for the users in Kingston.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly bike-sharing company that does not waste, and only recycles outdated hardware when it is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, these bikes require maintenance for non-standard parts, and are not suitable for personal usage.

Dropbike is excited to launch in Kingston this summer with high quality, safe and sustainable bikes, and we look forward to servicing the community.

Qiming Weng