Update on the chirping bike disturbance at UBC

Over the past few weeks, we've experienced some bikes in the Drop Mobility fleet at UBC campus emitting a chirping sound (a loud, rapidly repetitive beeping) from the locks mounted on the rear of the bike. We are aware that this has been causing a disturbance on UBC campus and we want to acknowledge to the UBC community how important this issue is to our team, and share all the measures we’re taking to resolve this.

Our technical team has identified that the cause of the chirping is linked to a minor bug in the software used in our bike locks. We’ve made resolving this issue our chief priority on campus by removing some of the bikes with lock issues and by updating the software across the remaining fleet. Over the past few weeks we have already moved some of the bikes from campus to our storage, where there will await redeployment in the spring. To ensure all the remaining bikes receive the software fix, we have increased the size of our team to get to the bikes as soon as possible. The team is not only updating the software but is also undertaking maintenance checks to ensure the problem does not arise again. We expect to be able to service the whole fleet by mid February, at which point the only chirping audible on UBC campus will be that of the birds, rather than the bikes.

We appreciate the understanding, patience and cooperation of the UBC community and staff, and Drop users in helping us resolve this matter. If you have any questions or concerns or want to report any chirping bikes, feel free to contact us at support@dropbike.ca.

Gungeet Kaur