How do I find a bike?

On the main map screen, look for the orange bike icons in your vicinity. 


How do I find the bike code?

The QR code can be found on the bike in a small rectangular area between the handlebars, and on the "licence plate" underneath the bike seat.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

Please check with your local jurisdiction on appropriate helmet laws. Dropbike recommends a helmet even when it is not legally required to do so as a helmet can greatly increase your safety.


Where do I leave a bike? How do I lock a bike? How do I attach a bike to something?

You can leave a dropbike at a designated parking spot, a "hub". Hubs are marked in the app. You can also leave a dropbike attached to any bike post or bike rack, where it is safe to do so.

You must leave dropbikes within a regional zone, indicated by a border in the application. You may face warnings or fines if you do not.

To lock the bike, please first take the bike cable and loop it around a bike post or rack. Loop the cable around the back wheel lock, and then depress the push button on the back wheel lock to lock the cable as well as the wheel. Please see instructions in the "On trip" view for illustrations.


Do I always have to attach my bike to something?

When you leave a dropbike at a bike post or bike rack, you must always use the cable to physically attach a bike to the post or rack. When you leave dropbikes at "hubs", please follow the instructions in the app or the hub for appropriate parking.